The Agency

Now I realize that a lot of people will say this is all my imagination, but I’ve noticed over the years that, inevitably, whenever I’m trying to get anywhere in a hurry, all kinds of irritating and aggravating events will occur which will keep me from arriving wherever I’m going on time. Consequently, I’ve become … More The Agency

The Beast

We have a few squirrels around our apartment these days. Not that many, and it doesn’t matter too much anyway because we don’t have a bird feeder. When you have a bird feeder, though, squirrels are a problem. Anyone who has ever tried to keep one knows how much. We used to manage that problem … More The Beast

Baby Talk

I’m happy to see that so far my son and daughter-in-law haven’t succumbed to the temptation to use baby talk with their daughter. Of course, every generation says it won’t get involved with this insidious abuse of the language, but sooner or later most do, and it can cause irreparable harm to a couple’s vocabulary. … More Baby Talk

Deja View

My wife doesn’t seem to understand why my son and I, or men in general, can watch a favorite movie or even a favorite sporting event over and over. Women see a movie from beginning to end, and as far as they’re concerned, that’s it. It’s been done. It’s finished. They know how it turns … More Deja View

Of Mail and Mortality

Just in the way of a heads up to you younger folk, your mail will begin to change when you reach the age of fifty. Everyone who’s already been there knows what I mean. Suddenly, instead of real estate pitches, vacation brochures, magazine subscription notices, credit card offers, etc., you’re getting ads for dentures, hearing … More Of Mail and Mortality


It’s been my experience that most adults don’t believe in monsters, but that all kids do. For example, my little granddaughter fully expects a monster to walk through our door, without knocking,  at any moment during the time she stays with Nanna and me. Why, I’m not sure, but I suspect it’s because we live … More Monsters

Fashion trend alert

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among women here in the United States that I think men should be aware of. More importantly, I’ve noticed it in my wife. It seems women have stopped carrying purses! You heard me right; stopped carrying purses! Now this wouldn’t be an area of undue concern to me, (I don’t … More Fashion trend alert

Medical News

I noticed on the internet the other day that some sort of medical researcher had decided that 74 was the new age when one could said to be elderly, due to the fact that people are living well into their eighties and nineties these days. O f course, I bought into that immediately because I … More Medical News